Hello there, I'm Aleksandra, the style whisperer...Let me help you with your wedding outfits! 

I know how important it is to find the right outfits for a wedding - knowing you’ll be photographed and documented from every angle. I know how difficult it can be to find the right looks, that represent and flatter you! 

Would you like to receive expert guidance and support on what to wear to the big day and beyond, from a professional stylist who has worked with the likes of Chanel, Vogue, Harpers and with countless celebrities around the world? 

As a friend of gorgeous Moira, I am happy to present this exclusive offer for Perfect Spanish Weddings!

How would you like one-on-one bespoke advice, from an industry insider of over 20 years - an expert eye on your outfits and your style for the big day? Would it feel helpful to have an external pair of eyes to guide you - someone objective - a professional - not a friend, a sister your cousin your mother! 💛 Imagine a kind and honest guide, that you can ask anything appearance related - no matter how silly or trivial it may seem to you! I don’t know your backstory, I don’t have pre-conceived ideas about you…I just want to help you to look and feel great! 💛 Would you like peace of mind on your outfits for the ceremony and beyond? 💛 As a friend of gorgeous Moira, I am happy to present this exclusive offer at only £249.00 (Working with me usually starts at £1997.00)

“Olenska can make anything look unique…she is always up for something great. Let her breathe new life into your wardrobe.”


Exclusive Perfect Spanish Weddings Offer - How it Works

First, I listen - Style Diagnosis

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you - a 45 minute call (preferably video call via WhatsApp or Skype) to understand your style needs, appearance niggles and goals, for all your wedding outfit style needs.  

Then, I help - Style Prescription

On the call, we’ll talk about some friendly style suggestions based on your unique body type, issues and needs as well as any confidence coaching tips - I will give feedback, advice and suggestions - gentle guidance! I’m your style wing-woman - your confidante - you can ask me anything style related, no matter how silly you may think it is.  

Style Support and Outfit Run Through

You get a Stylist in your pocket service - as you shop or experiment, feel free to send me pictures of your main options for outfits and accessories via WhatsApp or sms, and I will help and guide you!

Run through - going through outfits styled and with accessories - a dummy run, making sure all the details are there, and you feel empowered, gorgeous and ready! 

And of course professional support and encouragement to feel fabulous, increase confidence and look and feel your best! 


I’m Aleksandra Olenska

I’m your style whisperer. I’ve Styled and Creative Directed for some of the top brands in the world, including Chanel, Celine, Vanessa Bruno, Paul Smith and Vogue. I have a Masters in Fashion Design from the prestigious Central St Martins, and my first job was at Dazed and Confused magazine, and as muse to a top interior designer! I’m from Cheshire, and am based between London and Paris, although am from Polish origins - I love champagne and Chanel as much as cheeseburgers and chips! (*and polish pierogi!)  

I have a gentle approach to style guidance, which includes confidence coaching (because everyone, from supermodels to mumpreneurs have their body issues!) and am passionate about using style to empower women...not to set up unrealistic expectations, or ideas of perfection.

Over the past 20 years, I have helped countless luxury brands, celebrities and private clients from all over the world with their creative direction and styling - uncovering and growing their personal style identity, working with each clients unique values, personality, body shape and perceived issues, to leave them feeling refreshed, relevant and a more stylish and confident version of themselves! You are absolutely in the right place! 

lets do this! click here or email me aleksandra@olenska.com / whatsapp 00336 26 11 4404 to book
price £249.00

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